2018-1-23 : Tsunami Excitement

Personal Notes

First warning for Liz and me came by a call from our pilot son Duncan in London; then our daughter Caitlin called after “big news” of Pacific Tsunami on SKY TV.

Our own “Oak Bay Locals” Facebook Page and Twitter were brilliant. With such a long lead time we called Hotel to get OK to meet there if water height at Port Alberni was > 5 meters.


1:40 am : 


Alerts for: Greater Victoria
1:40 AM PST Tuesday 23 January 2018
Tsunami warning in effect for:

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Learnings : 

For those who were up and following the “imminent arrival” (2 hour warning) it was a good “wake up call”.

Some learnings for me :

1) get our condo building to install manual “alarm”. Maybe manual trigger to fire alarm or sump pump alarm. Turns out our neighbour slept through it, and we would have had no idea she was in her unit.

2) revisit the condo evacuation procedures .

3) Big Thanks to overnight concierge at Oak Bay Beach Hotel who (on phone) was most supportive and welcoming – although we never went there in the end.