TELUS are planning to pull the fibre into the Hampshire House electric room on the second floor. The underground path is now confirmed to be clear and no “digging” will be needed. 

FYI : 

  1. Fibre is run to each unit not just the building. This once in lifetime FREE infrastructure significantly adds to each unit’s value.
  2. Each fibre is a single hair width. The fibre will be hidden in a grout strip running along the molding on each floor.
  3. In summary, the infrastructure upgrade will be free for the Hampshire House property owners (100% paid for by TELUS) and will more than double internet speeds, provide HD TV options, and improve phone services. The plan is to bring fibre optic service to every unit so that each unit will be future proofed with the latest high speed technology. Above the door of each unit, a small box will be attached. 
  4. When any unit owners decide to take TELUS services (now or in the future), TELUS will run the fiber into the unit and onto the TV area. 
  5. The TELUS modem by the TV will also provide TV wirelessly to every room. It will also bring Internet and phone to every room.
  6. Unit Owners can :
    1. keep their existing Shaw modems and Shaw service level. No changes.
    2. move to Telus using standard Telus packages at the time.

We are in negotiation with Telus to get a special package offer for the group.

I will use this mailing list (and this website) to keep owners and residents updated on the TELUS package negotiations which have started.  Please let your new friends know if you think they might not be on the mailing list. 

The latest email is here : http://mailchi.mp/bc133a5b1925/telus-fibre-at-hampshire-house

Best wishes

Bill Smith