2018-3-23 : Fibre to Hampshire House

Hi Ray/Ben (Proline/Telus)   : the fibre was successfully pulled into the control room today (Friday).  48 fibers have been run in.  As there are 36 units and each unit has 1 fiber, this leaves us with 12 spares.

Proposal(s) : 

  1. as part of the new front/back door  system acquisition, there might be a door communication design which could use this extra capacity in a modern interesting way. Please let the suppliers know we have this capacity. We can run fiber to each door with a termination box for future use. The door security should be able to communicate to suites via fibre not just wireless (IP1 <-> IP2)
  2. Concierge function :
    1. It would be “great” to have a fiber run to the rec room for common area future TV/visitor Internet
    2. And a second fiber run right to the 6th floor “lookout – so we could have a camera facing the ocean and/or beach and visible with an IP address (within our 48 IP allocation range) . Residents could “view” the video using their Telus Browser by using the camera IP address as the URL – and no bandwidth would be taken from owners.

Best wishes