2017-10-5 : Racoon babies exploring Hampshire House Grounds

A photo of Mrs. Rockie Raccoon and her two new babies. Taken at 7.00pm yesterday close to the big garbage bin. There have been some recent reports from the lower mainland of raccoons attacking humans and dogs. They may be cute and cuddly but they can be vicious, particularly if they have a young one, and it looks as if this is the case.

Will be walking Johnny Cash on Sunday afternoon if you are interested.  Andrew Ross.   

2017-7-8 : ORCAS in Oak Bay

Orcas in Oak Bay! Resident Liz Smith first spotted them right offshore out from the Oak Bay Beach Hotel – heading south. But when they reached the end of Discovery Island they made a huge “U Turn” towards Hampshire House and then headed back north as shown here as viewed from our Hampshire House.  The whale watching boats were following them the whole way round the bay, as you can see. 

Orcas in Oak Bay! We first spotted them right offshore at Cattle Point – shown here closer to Cadboro Bay

Posted by Sue Ellen Mischke on Saturday, July 8, 2017


2017-7-1 : OAK BAY MARINA – CANADA 150 – July 1, 2017 – UPDATE POST EVENT

Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to Bob Williams and Dr. Andrew Ross. Thanks to them we have two  souvenir albums on Google Photos:

It was a special birthday for Canada and those at the Oak Bay Marina Parking Lot were happy and proud to be part of this cross-Canada celebration.

Choir Master Hilary Coupland leads the singing of O-CANADA

Hopefully three things will emerge in Oak Bay :

1. a permanent performance area around the Salish Sea sculpture as per Barbara Adams vision.
2. Lolita/Tokitae will finally be freed and brought home from Miami to the Salish Sea.
3. A fine future use will be agreed for the end of the Oak Bay Marina parking lot. I support Jacques Sirois’ idea of the L’Kwungen Herring Smoke House : http://www.cattlepoint.org/lkwungen-herring-smokehouse/

As a post script it is worth noting that Hilary Coupland, the Choir Master, in greeting Syrian Violinist Sari Alesh, concluded her welcome with the very first public declaration of the Salish Sea Bioregional Marine Sanctuary Vision : 

“Today on July 1, 2017, Canada’s 50th Birthday, we the people of Canada gathered here today, promise to work diligently to Restore Natural Animal Populations throughout the Salish Sea Bioregion to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible”

Surely this is one of the major goals for Canada as we begin the next fifty years.

Hilary Coupland pledges on behalf of the assembled people, to achieve the Bioregional Marine Sanctuary Vision : “To Restore Natural Animal Populations throughout the Salish Sea Bioregion to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible”