2017-10-5 : Racoon babies exploring Hampshire House Grounds

A photo of Mrs. Rockie Raccoon and her two new babies. Taken at 7.00pm yesterday close to the big garbage bin. There have been some recent reports from the lower mainland of raccoons attacking humans and dogs. They may be cute and cuddly but they can be vicious, particularly if they have a young one, and it looks as if this is the case.

Will be walking Johnny Cash on Sunday afternoon if you are interested.  Andrew Ross.   

2017-7-8 : ORCAS in Oak Bay

Orcas in Oak Bay! Resident Liz Smith first spotted them right offshore out from the Oak Bay Beach Hotel – heading south. But when they reached the end of Discovery Island they made a huge “U Turn” towards Hampshire House and then headed back north as shown here as viewed from our Hampshire House.  The whale watching boats were following them the whole way round the bay, as you can see. 


2017-6-9 : Post from Dr Andrew Ross

Hi Bill,  Good to see the HH  News again. Suggestions

1) a lot of my photos could be dropped, and may be new ones added with a bit more background info added if people are interested.

2) With all the new owners you may want to canvass them for ideas, their interests, ideas for the future directions for Hampshire House. Some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth. There might be some hidden talent out there. If possible more input from different owners. Time to refresh?


Hampshire House Community Portal

The Hampshire House community portal is now online. This is not an official website. There is no private or confidential information maintained or stored and much effort has been made to honour peoples privacy – all data being already available on other websites on the Internet. The site is simply a portal to help you find information a little quicker and easier than a google search.

Here, you will find links to all manner of useful information about Oak Bay, its businesses and the Hampshire House neighbourhood.

You will (as our policy) NOT find information about council matters or internal issues. People will never be named except in rare circumstances where they have allowed this in recognition of contribution – ie :

  • Dr. Ross has allowed his name to be mentioned – crediting him for the wonderful wild-life photographs.
  • Bill Smith has allowed his name to be mentioned as the person “owning” and maintaining the website.
  • Liz Smith who owns Athlone Travel in Oak Bay has allowed her name to be used as “sponsor” of the website.

Spa Pool Area Hours

Email from Oak Bay Beach Hotel General Manager Michelle Le Sage: 

  • Our pool hours are posted as 6:30 am to midnight
  • With “whisper only policy” in affect after 9pm when the spa treatment rooms close
  • Pools are restricted to hotel guests only outside of spa treatment hours
  • Day use is restricted to spa patrons and hotel guests (9am to 9pm)

We have been full the last couple of weekends with no known issues on our side. Let’s continue to work together to make this work for all of us.

Best regards  Michelle Le Sage : 250 940 0303

PS if there is excessive noise after 10:00 pm, Hampshire House residents are encouraged to call the hotel on (250) 598-4556; and if quiet is not achieved after 10 minutes to call the Oak Bay Police on (250) 592-2424. This is essential to ensure our issues are recorded.