Staqeya the coastal wolf on Discovery Island

Staqeya the coastal wolf, still on Discovery Island, May 31, 2015 by Mike Sheehan. Amazing photo taken yesterday of the wolf over on Discovery Island. We need to get him a spouse? Some say this is the spirit of Chief Ron Sam’s father. Appeared on the island just after old Chief died. — with Mike Sheehan atDiscovery Island (British Columbia). 

Wolves have excellent hearing, and under certain conditions can hear a howl as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles away on the open tundra. A wolf howl is a deep and continuous sound from about half a second to 11 seconds long. So perhaps his pack in the Sooke Hills know where he is.

Bald Eagle – June 2014

Dr. Andrew Ross was awoken early Sunday morning by the loud sounds of a “Murder of Crows” in the huge tree between his apartment on the 6th floor of Hampshire House, and the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. He finally got out of bed and took a closer look. Much to his surprise he saw an eagle, a beautiful Bald Eagle, high up in the tree. 


Then he noticed the crows were attacking the Eagle. He was quite concerned.

The Eagle seemed injured and favoured his wing.


After 4 hours of observing the torment, Dr. Ross decided to phone the Eagle Emergency line which he was surprised to learn was in Courtenay. Well they said they would have someone from Victoria there right away. Faster than a paramedic from Jubilee the Eagle Doctor arrived.

Much to everyone’s relief after leaning over the Ross’s balcony and prodding the eagle with her long expandable pole, the Bald Eagle suddenly soared into the air and left.

The Eagle Doctor explained that sometimes the eagle would have trouble digesting something and would sit in a tree for hours.