Emergency Procedure


  1. Drop, Cover and Hold On – Get under a table in the fetal position covering your neck and head. Note Oak Bay HAS NO SIREN.
  2. Make sure you have a radio tuned to CFAX 1070 or another local radio station 
  3. Assemble on lawn in front of Hampshire House. One person should return to building – and do a quick visual inspection of our building from the outside. You should be looking for obvious large cracks and structural damage to the building including outside wall deformity doors that will not open etc.  Remember in an earthquake there will be aftershocks.
  4. Continue to Listen to CFAX. If we have an earthquake that lasts longer than one minute and is so violent that you are unable to stand or move then this earthquake will be the warning of a possible Tsunami surge on our coast.
  5. If no Tsunami warning and if Hampshire House lobby is OK, then move to lobby. Wait for First Responders (Emergency People) to arrive and guide you. 
  6. If TSUNAMI warning given on CFAX, everyone should move to top floor in the Oak Bay Beach Hotel next door.  Note that until Emergency formally declared, the hotel is a private place and has the right to not allow you in. Suggest being respectful (ie no panic) and showing your credit card and offering to pay for a room, beer or meal.
  7. Wait up there until CFAX gives Tsunami all clear.
  8. If destruction is widespread:
    1. If Hampshire House SAFE : we will use our own building.
    2. If Hampshire House NOT SAFE : we will use Oak Bay Beach Hotel or follow the directions of First Responders.

Note – after a Tsunami there will be considerable flooding and garbage spread across a wide swath of ground from the Marina, across Windsor Park to Ross Bay. ie the whole golf course could be an inaccessible island especially at high tide. 

Stay on the high ground. Remember how fortunate we are to have several fine high buildings close by including the new hotel with its food and water supplies and its energy generation systems. Although we are at a high point on Beach Drive still go as high as you can and do not head to the Oak Bay Village or Victoria until First Responders allow you.

Let your relatives know this is where you will all be. If you are a relative in another city reading this after an earthquake, you will likely be unable to reach your loved one. Be assured people will be working to post information for you on Facebook, and Twitter (#OakBayEarthquakeNews). 

Note :

If destruction is widespread, the main assembly point for Oak Bay Municipality is the Oak Bay Recreation Centre.

If CFAX announces that an emergency has been declared, the police will take control of places like the Oak Bay Beach Hotel (Phone: (250) 598-4556 )

Expect no HELP (or Food/Water) for 4 days at least.

Windsor Park will FLOOD

Image Below Shows how the whole golf course peninsula could become an island. It is likely to take many days for the Windsor Park area to be cleared of debris or bridged. Prepare to stay at Hotel or Hampshire House and to have water and food for at least a week. The Hotel will have its own power, food, water and beer 🙂