Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Local Coffee Shop?

Kate’s Cafe in Hotel.

Oak Bay Marina Coffee Shop, ex-Starbucks particularly nice on sunny day. 

Best Local Resources?

See the menu on the right of this webpage. 

Emergency HELP

Police, Fire, Ambulance : 911 

Oak Bay Police Station : (250) 592-2424

BC Hydro : Emergency: 1 (888) 769-3766

PROLINE : 250-589-1455 (after Hours Emergency)

Flooding. What do I do?

Do not bother trying to find building water switch off. Room is locked.

Immediately call PROLINE 

Garbage : I’m new to the building. What do I need to know?

Driveway Container

  1. Driveway large blue container. Feel free to dispose what you like in there. Garden refuse, large metal or glass items.

Recycle Closet on Each Level

Recycling takes place in closet cupboard on each floor. Except 1st floor where recycling goes directly into holding containers.

  1. Try to use the recycle process where possible. 
  2. Paper in one box; glass bottles, plastic and tins in the second.
  3. Tied bags of food left overs – drop into shoot.
  4. Large cardboard boxes: please take down to 1st floor.  Flatten in garbage room. Scissors on wall.

Garbage Room (Sump Pump Room ) on 1st Floor : 

  1. Plastic bags in small blue container (#1) in front right corner.
  2. Glass bottles, plastic and tins in 2 more (#2 + #3) blue containers.
  3. Paper in 2 (#4+#5) blue containers.
  4. Cardboard flattened (use blue scissors on wall) and it its own container at back. (#6)
  5. Wine and beer Bottles: put in wine cardboard boxes provided at back right.
  6. Pop cans and bottle: put in yellow container (#7) back left.
  7. Food waste – bagged and ties : put in yellow container (#8) sitting on orange buggy.

Easy diagram if you forget this on the front of the second inner door as you enter the garbage/Sump pump room.

Municipality Dump in Oak Bay Village

For those new to Municipality of Oak Bay we have great disposal service Check out the website for location, times and details.

Electronic Items – Computers, TV’s etc

These are the only items where you need to make an effort and drive down to Government street to drop off (FREE).

I use the easy to drop off place on Queen St between Douglas and Government near Bay Street. 

How Do I book Guest Suite?

Email resident Pru Emery :

Noise in Evening from Hotel Spa. Who do I call?

Read this webpage :


Pathway Access to Beach?

Is there access to the beach? 

We ask Realtors, showing potential purchasers, to appreciate and understand this important issue. 

For a variety of reasons, when the hotel was renovated, all owners decided NOT to invest in steps down to the beach.

An important issue, still valid today, is security at night. Please understand the intrusion this can cause to people living in these units on the ground floor.

You do have the phone numbers of the three owners living in these units so it takes little effort to warn them that you or your visiting grandchildren, are coming down, so owners can dress and prepare appropriately.

Right Side

On the right side there are steps down to the beach. These are NOT for public use but as owner/resident you do have access rights.

Appreciate, the owner has invested much effort in security and in protecting the plants from being eaten by deer. 

If you need special access, let’s say for visiting grandchildren, please talk to the owners or Council to arrange this.  

Left Side

On the left side from the car port area, there are steps down to the edge of the cliff BUT no access down to the beach. Much better to use the beautiful path in between Hampshire House and the Hotel, created at great expense by the hotel for the Oak Bay Municipality.

The owner has invested in a very noisey (some say vicious) Jack Russell who waits patiently to bark loudly at strangers – even at new residents. If you do wish to befriend him please call Bill Smith. 

Please note that it is NOT allowed to traverse the private patios of the three units facing the sea. The only way to cross from North to South, you would need to climb carefully along the precipitous edge of the cliff . Crossing using the private balcony boundaries is prohibited as much of the way across is private unit owner patio property. You would not like people crossing your own balcony. 

The owners wish to be accommodating but also ask respect for their privacy from you and your visitors, especially children. 

Plumbing Problem. Who Do I call?

Like with all non-emergency problems you call PROLINE 


Sewage and Sump Pump Issues. What do I need to know?

What do I need to know?

  1. All water (from sink or toilets) is disposed via a huge underground tank called the sump located under the 1st floor garbage room.
  2. It is pumped up continually to the main sewer passing along Beach Drive.
  3. The pump is very sensitive to certain new items – especially “wipes”. It is critical neither you or your guests ever drop used wipes into the toilet.

  1. The pump operation is monitored remotely 24*7. But if power fails (as it does 2-3 times a year), the pump stops. The monitoring service will know this. YOU must make sure you and your guests do not flush or wash during this down period.
  2. Emergency toilets and showers can be used, with concierge permission, in the adjacent hotel. 
  3. Please dispose of toiletry items in tied bags down the recycling chutes. 
Who is in Charge?

Resident Condominium Council Chair  : Kay Holt 250-370-0570

Property Manager : Ray Normandeau