Hampshire House Community Portal

The Hampshire House community portal is now online. This is not an official website. There is no private or confidential information maintained or stored and much effort has been made to honour peoples privacy – all data being already available on other websites on the Internet. The site is simply a portal to help you find information a little quicker and easier than a google search.

Here, you will find links to all manner of useful information about Oak Bay, its businesses and the Hampshire House neighbourhood.

You will (as our policy) NOT find information about council matters or internal issues. People will never be named except in rare circumstances where they have allowed this in recognition of contribution – ie :

  • Dr. Ross has allowed his name to be mentioned – crediting him for the wonderful wild-life photographs.
  • Bill Smith has allowed his name to be mentioned as the person “owning” and maintaining the website.
  • Liz Smith who owns Athlone Travel in Oak Bay has allowed her name to be used as “sponsor” of the website.

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