CANADA Team #4 : Hoyle Shield Water Monitoring System

Bringing Back the Herring

This sub-project #4  develops a datamine of water sensor readings around the Salish Sea. Success will be achieved only when we have  achieved Doug Tolchin’s great vision :

The Bioregional Marine Sanctuary Vision : “To Restore Natural Animal Populations throughout the Salish Sea Bioregion to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible”.

Technically it integrates a vast network of sensors all around the Salish Sea Bioregion. It integrates old technology already monitoring reservoirs with a new “open source” network of sensor feeds provided by companies (new and old) and individuals skilled with appropriate technologies.

Companies in all 50 cities serving 8M people around the Salish Sea. are encouraged to participate.

The project is exploring the use of the Amazon Cloud Platform to pilot a scaleable database to manage the Hoyle Shield System datamine.

We are calling this project : Bring Back the Herring Project

W E (Bill) Smith

PS   To learn more about the water pollution issues of the Salish Sea :


Some of Puget Sound’s largest secondary sewage treatment plants. There are 106 publicly-owned sewage treatment plants in the Puget Sound Basin. Many are located on or near to the natal estuaries of threatened chinook salmon runs. All of Puget Sound is considered to be an estuarine ecosystem.


Imagine a sophisticated real-time KPI (Key performance indicator) dashboard – probably interfaced to Google Maps – using Amazon Cloud and its most suitable scaleable database.

Imagine sensors to measure pharma, chemical and bio pollution.  We intend to include detection of viruses and bacteria pioneering  the latest developments, miniaturization and cost reduction hardware.

The system would combine proven “best in class” devices and software , with innovative emerging technologies.