2017-9-21 : Free Energy – Technology to ameliorate Hurricane and Earthquake catastrophies

With the recent Hurricanes and Earthquakes in 2017, here are some ideas on how FREE ENERGY might impact survival in the future.

Standalone Home Appliances

In all communities most homes will own and operate a LENR Home Appliance. This will power all needs of the home as a “super generator” – but needing NO petroleum.

Output options will likely include DC (direct current) and low voltage.

Low Voltage?

“Time to Ditch 120V AC? How a Low-Voltage, DC-Powered Home Might Work. Has the 240/120V AC residential infrastructure outlived its usefulness? Inspired by Tesla Powerwall, an industry veteran explains how we could get to the the old ‘Smart House’ vision of a low voltage, DC-powered home” : see https://www.cepro.com/article/how_a_low-voltage_dc-powered_home_might_work_tesla_powerwall_energy_storage

“Almost everything outside the kitchen runs on low-voltage: TV’s, computers, LED lighting, network equipment, games, etc. The most recent big low-voltage change-over is lighting. Where I live, you can’t easily buy an incandescent light. Everything is LED—inherently low current, low-voltage devices that have to live in a 220 or 120V AC environment. Most of the cost of LED lighting is in the built-in power conversion electronics”.

Of course LENR appliances will generate standard 120V AC /50 cycles.

These LENR appliance should be so cheap, a given home might even have a backup. Certainly they will maintain light during a storm no matter how bad the hurricane is.


After the storm ends, there will be no more blackout areas stretching county-wide. The LENR appliances should function perfectly both during and especially AFTER the storm.

Of course lines and poles might be down and might take weeks to repair, but during the recovery period, aid can be focussed on most serious needs.

This will be specially important to power heating and pumping of water.

LENR will have a profoundly positive effect on all aspects of disaster recovery.