2017-9-21 : Free Energy Roll-Out Begins

We are delighted to be following the roll-out of Free Energy. A revolution. This is the BIRTH of Cold Fusion/#LENR/#ZPE/#SUNCELL. The start of a new era in human existence.


Three companies with individual technologies are racing to market.

  1. Brillouin Energy Corporation
  2. Leonardo Corporation
  3. Brilliant Light Power

Brillouin Energy Corporation : Brillouin’s technologies are based on low energy nuclear reactions (“LENR”), which it generates on a controlled basis in its uniquely designed reactors.

There is no (zero) pollution of any kind, generated in Brillouin’s LENR system of outputting its heat.

Note : Oak Bay has 8,000 (approx) single family home. A glass of water in the HHT power plant powers 30,000 homes for one year.

Leonardo Corporation : E-Cat stands for “energy catalyzer” and is an invention considered by many to be one of the most important energy production discoveries of our age.

It is a device invented by Italian-American inventor Andrea Rossi. While there is considerable secrecy surrounding the exact specifications of the E-Cat, patent disclosures state that powdered nickel metal, lithium and lithium aluminum hydride (LaAlH4) are combined to produce large amounts of heat, far in excess of possible chemical reactions, through a little understood low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) process inside a reaction chamber.

READ MORE about Rossi’s products already for sale

SUN CELL : Brilliant Light Power : Brilliant Light Power has developed a new commercially competitive, non-polluting, plasma-based primary source of massive power from the conversion of hydrogen atoms of water molecules to dark matter, the previously unidentified matter that makes up most of the mass of the universe.

Preliminary Municipal Design for Oak Bay

As mentioned, Oak Bay has 8,000 (approx) single family home. A glass of water in the HHT power plant powers 30,000 homes for a whole year. 

I see the LENR plants being house in each sewage pumping house, school and medical facility/nursing home. Maybe as many as 10-15 units distributed across Oak Bay – even though just 1 would service every home and business.

This would give Oak Bay much extra power to easily service all homes and business, and to sell power to other municipalities and businesses.

The distributed locations would ensure the pumps always continue operating and that careful design on the interfacing between microgrids will minimize brown outs during storms or even after serious disasters.

Smaller #LENR home units called E-Cats are similar size to any home appliance. They will give each home owner extra comfort – like owning a generator – and they can feed power back into the grid. Home owners will purchase these themselves.

W. E. Smith