2017-11-24 : Cold Fusion Demonstration Demo – Friday Nov 24, 2017

Today, FRIDAY #AndreaRossi ‘s demonstration of new #LENR reactor #ECAT QX was a success! The Coefficient of Performance (Power out/Power in) “COP” was 300! Video Stream delayed so far 40 minutes – http://e-catworld.com/demo/

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26-11-2017 : Best Detailed  Report

+ Mats Lewan’s (event facilitator) reflections on the Nov 24 QX demo in Stockholm.

My closing comments :

“However, as I stated above, if I were an investor considering to invest in this technology, I would require further private tests being made with accurate measurements made by third-party experts, specifically regarding the electrical input power, making such tests in a way that these experts would consider to be relevant” Mats Lewan.

Someone commented about the post-demo line up of interested investors waiting to talk to Rossi. This forum has provided enough “guidance to VC’s” to ensure they will certainly do full due diligence before anyone invests in the next round. Mats Report : https://t.co/CuYPCShgR2

My wish for Rossi is that he change his protective strategy, and move to this mode – where his historic role would be much more appreciated by the human race.

“The mission of our Energy Solutions Plan is to bring the very best inventors in the world of sustainable, non-polluting, “free” energy together, under one roof to achieve a very specific objective. Our ultimate objective is to produce an Energy Generating System (a free energy generator) for the home or business, which will be available to the general global public. Ultimately this will free us from dependence on costly, limited, and polluting fossil fuels and forever transform the current non-sustainable energy paradigm”.

Dr Steven Greer