2017-12-05 : Sheepers at McNeil Bay

South Oak Bay construction site sheep shenanigans is entertaining neighbours. Tess van Straaten has more on the animal antics.

“It’s just such a beautiful place along the waterfront here and Johnny Cash just loves watching the birds,” says Ross.

But it wasn’t the wildlife that caught Ross’ attention recently — it was farm animals.


2017-11-11 : Black Turnstones standing guard

Thought this photo might be appropriate for next years Remembrance day. It was taken the day after at Queens’ Park. What looks like a poppy is a leaf, but the Black Turnstones look as if they are standing guard, around it. It has NOT been “photo shopped”, just in the right place at  the right time with a camera.    Andrew.

2017-10-5 : Racoon babies exploring Hampshire House Grounds

A photo of Mrs. Rockie Raccoon and her two new babies. Taken at 7.00pm yesterday close to the big garbage bin. There have been some recent reports from the lower mainland of raccoons attacking humans and dogs. They may be cute and cuddly but they can be vicious, particularly if they have a young one, and it looks as if this is the case.

Will be walking Johnny Cash on Sunday afternoon if you are interested.  Andrew Ross.   

2017-10-1 : Cash returns to Hampshire House

Two items of news for the residents of Hampshire House. 

  1. Johnny Cash returned home after a wonderful week with Sandy and Andrew on Saltspring Island. 
  2. Resident Bill Smith purchased the worlds first “Cold Fusion” (#LENR) home energy generator appliance – called the e-CAT for the Oak Bay Microgrid.