Hampshire House Overview

Hampshire House is located next to the Oak Bay Beach Hotel on the waterfront in Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia (BC) Canada.

There are 36 condominiums in a unique concrete and steel building which has been substantially renovated inside and outside over the past 4 years.

The renovation included removal of the old stucco and thorough repair of the underlying concrete surfaces. Balconies were replaced; major enhancements to elevators; two roofs replaced; complete interior modernisation including upper and lower lobbies; guest suite renovation; lookout room renovation.

This is a “no rental building” mostly occupied by owners. The building appears from Beach Drive to be 3 floors as viewed from the road front. But in fact there are 6 levels as there are also three levels on the waterfront side layered down to the beach front. 

Every apartment benefits from magnificent water views which give each resident a special connection to the wonderful Oak Bay waterfront. 

Hampshire House Community Portal

The Hampshire House community portal is now online. This is not an official website. There is no private or confidential information maintained or stored and much effort has been made to honour peoples privacy – all data being already available on other websites on the Internet. The site is simply a portal to help you find information a little quicker and easier than a google search.

Here, you will find links to all manner of useful information about Oak Bay, its businesses and the Hampshire House neighbourhood.

You will (as our policy) NOT find information about council matters or internal issues. People will never be named except in rare circumstances where they have allowed this in recognition of contribution – ie :

  • Dr. Ross has allowed his name to be mentioned – crediting him for the wonderful wild-life photographs.
  • Bill Smith has allowed his name to be mentioned as the person “owning” and maintaining the website.
  • Liz Smith who owns Athlone Travel in Oak Bay has allowed her name to be used as “sponsor” of the website.

We are Volunteers

All Volunteers

Hampshire House with its Council and Working Group members are all volunteer residents and owners who have committed time and expertise to help all residents and owners. They continue to work together to take Hampshire House to new heights. Hampshire House is fortunate to have some wonderfully talented people taking responsibility without remuneration for everything from building maintenance to the Christmas Party. The main professional guidance and support is delivered by Ray Normandeau at info@prolinemanagement.com  (Proline Property Managers).  Please contact them on any issues relating to Hampshire House.

Resident and Owner Issues

If you wish to report anything you believe needs attention please phone or email Ray Normandeau at the email address above or on (250) 475-6440. He will pass the email to the appropriate council member, or deal with the issue immediately himself.

This applies to things like parking, building damage, water issues, garden maintenance, balconies and patios, broken bulbs, carpet damage, drains and anything and everything which is outside your own apartment.

After Hours and Emergencies

Remember when you call other residents on your list, even if you have a serious problem, they might be asleep or be dealing with other private issues.

Much better if you call PROLINE 24*7. 

Water Issues – call PROLINE Emergency Number. (250) 475-6440

Spa Pool Area Hours

Email from Oak Bay Beach Hotel General Manager Michelle Le Sage: 

  • Our pool hours are posted as 6:30 am to midnight
  • With “whisper only policy” in affect after 9pm when the spa treatment rooms close
  • Pools are restricted to hotel guests only outside of spa treatment hours
  • Day use is restricted to spa patrons and hotel guests (9am to 9pm)

We have been full the last couple of weekends with no known issues on our side. Let’s continue to work together to make this work for all of us.

Best regards  Michelle Le Sage : 250 940 0303

PS if there is excessive noise after 10:00 pm, Hampshire House residents are encouraged to call the hotel on (250) 598-4556; and if quiet is not achieved after 10 minutes to call the Oak Bay Police on (250) 592-2424. This is essential to ensure our issues are recorded.


Summer Solstice Giclee – Lower Lobby

Dr. Andrew Ross’ Summer Solstice – 5:21 am, June 21, 2015

from Hampshire House 6th Floor Look-out – Sunrise June 21 over the Cascades

Thank you all the owners and residents of Hampshire House who contributed to a fund to have Dr. Ross’s wonderful image, printed on canvas. I know that every time you enter the third floor lobby, or bring guests through, this will be a great talking point, and a wonderful reminder of why your guests should get up at sunrise and visit the lookout on the 6th floor. 

Thank you everyone for your generosity and community support. 

Salish Sun shines on 1159 Beach Drive

Chris Paul, First Nations artist extraordinaire, delivers his new creation “The Salish Sun” to its owner, Rosemary Short who plans to donate it to the Oak Bay Municipality to be placed somewhere acceptable to the community at Cattle Point Star Park

Hampshire House residents are encouraged to join to “Friends of the Salish Sea” monthly email newsletter (FREE). If you love your Salish Sea this is for you.