Cattle Point Star Park – Tonight’s Stars

If you have a Windows PC, Click on the image below to see the night sky from Cattle Point (or from our Hampshire House 6th Floor Look-out). Apple does not support flash so this will not display on iPads or iPhones.

If you have a Windows PC, (ie you DO have flash), Click here to see the visualization of the Solar System. 

Hatties Heist – Movie made by Resident Pru Emery

Did you know Pru Emery, your neighbour :

The short film is perfect for any woman over 35 who feels she does not have enough money. 

W.E. Smith

Oak Bay Walk of the Inner Planets

The Salish Walk of the Planets : Don’t forget that not only do the sun and moon rise in the East over Mount Baker, and set 12 hours later in the West, over Metchosin, but so do all the planets visible this month. The path they take is an “arc in the sky” which I call “The Salish Walk of the Planets”.  The astronomy community call the “walk” the “ecliptic”.

This month, on Sunday March 15th, the Oak Bay News invites residents of Oak Bay to meet at the Oak Bay Municipal Hall at 10:00 am to join us on our inaugural Oak Bay “Walk of the Inner Planets”. We plan to tread this Salish Walk of the Planets from Jupiter (Municipal Hall) via Mars (Gonzales Hill), Earth (Blueberry Hill) and Venus (Oak Bay Native Plant Garden/Oak Bay Beach Hotel) finally reaching Mercury (Willows Park). A fun, and easy 2 hour walk.

The Municipal Hall becomes Europa for the day. Europa is the Moon of Jupiter, and our starting point. Europa is where NASA believes there might be life under the ice. We will be checking for life in the Municipal Hall 🙂

Around 10:00 am Hilary Coupland and Doreen Hall lead everyone on the trek around the Inner Planets. 

To see the route as explored by Ole, the Jack Russell see the images below :

Ole and Bill explore Oak Bay Walk of the Inner Planets

May 2015 – Dr. Andrew Ross’ Birds of Oak Bay

Cattle Point Arts, Science and Culture Foundation is pleased to deliver another wonderful album of local bird photographs taken in Oak Bay in May 2015 by Dr. Andrew Ross. Click on star image at top right corner to download high resolution image to see the birds as you have never seen them. ?

Birds of Oak Bay – May 2015

Staqeya the coastal wolf on Discovery Island

Staqeya the coastal wolf, still on Discovery Island, May 31, 2015 by Mike Sheehan. Amazing photo taken yesterday of the wolf over on Discovery Island. We need to get him a spouse? Some say this is the spirit of Chief Ron Sam’s father. Appeared on the island just after old Chief died. — with Mike Sheehan atDiscovery Island (British Columbia). 

Wolves have excellent hearing, and under certain conditions can hear a howl as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles away on the open tundra. A wolf howl is a deep and continuous sound from about half a second to 11 seconds long. So perhaps his pack in the Sooke Hills know where he is.

Camossung and the Spirit Rock by Jacques Sirois and Bill Smith

Camossung and the Spirit Rock by Jacques Sirois and Bill Smith. At the Gorge, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Jacques and Bill are directors of the Cattle Point Arts, Science and Culture Foundation