Spa Pool Area Hours

Email from Oak Bay Beach Hotel General Manager Michelle Le Sage: 

  • Our pool hours are posted as 6:30 am to midnight
  • With “whisper only policy” in affect after 9pm when the spa treatment rooms close
  • Pools are restricted to hotel guests only outside of spa treatment hours
  • Day use is restricted to spa patrons and hotel guests (9am to 9pm)

We have been full the last couple of weekends with no known issues on our side. Let’s continue to work together to make this work for all of us.

Best regards  Michelle Le Sage : 250 940 0303

PS if there is excessive noise after 10:00 pm, Hampshire House residents are encouraged to call the hotel on (250) 598-4556; and if quiet is not achieved after 10 minutes to call the Oak Bay Police on (250) 592-2424. This is essential to ensure our issues are recorded.


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