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All Volunteers

Hampshire House with its Council and Working Group members are all volunteer residents and owners who have committed time and expertise to help all residents and owners. They continue to work together to take Hampshire House to new heights. Hampshire House is fortunate to have some wonderfully talented people taking responsibility without remuneration for everything from building maintenance to the Christmas Party. The main professional guidance and support is delivered by Ray Normandeau at info@prolinemanagement.com  (Proline Property Managers).  Please contact them on any issues relating to Hampshire House.

Property Manager – PROLINE

Resident and Owner Issues

If you wish to report anything you believe needs attention please phone or email Ray Normandeau at the email address above or on (250) 475-6440. He will pass the email to the appropriate council member, or deal with the issue immediately himself.

This applies to things like parking, building damage, water issues, garden maintenance, balconies and patios, broken bulbs, carpet damage, drains and anything and everything which is outside your own apartment.

After Hours and Emergencies

Remember when you call other residents on your list, even if you have a serious problem, they might be asleep or be dealing with other private issues.

Much better if you call PROLINE 24*7

Water Issues – call PROLINE Emergency Number. (250) 475-6440

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